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AEA 2020

Time to register for AEA 2020. The conference is virtual! See you there!


Congratulations to Dr. Jennifer Hollinger, Dr. Kelly Darney, Dr. Karen H. Larwin and Marla Carano who were finalist in the paper selection for the upcoming PIAAC conference paper competition.  PIAAC is a large international data set that provides researchers from...


“Dr. Larwin is an inspiring professor, educator and colleague.  Her leadership conveys in-depth knowledge and skills applicable to all facets of teaching and learning with a creative, individualized and engaging way to motivate others.  Also, her unselfish desire to succeed at the highest levels is both motivating and contagious.  Outside of her professional skills as an educator, Dr. Larwin exhibits other talents which endears her to her colleagues and allows her to speak expertly on varying topics.  To use the vernacular, Dr. Karen Larwin is the total package!”

Dr. Eugene M. Thomas

Superintendent, Lowellville Local School District